We Buy Organic & Locally!
By working with local distributors, we are better able to ensure the freshness and high quality that we demand in our end-product. These relationships create a congruence of ideas and innovations on how to better instill a philosophy of food ethics and morality while supporting other local businesses to create a network of sustainability and vitality.

Some of our local products


Co-Op Partners (The Wedge) / Twin Cities, MN
The Wedge Bakery / Minneapolis, MN
Spyhouse Coffee / Minneapolis, MN

Espresso Services, Inc. / Minneapolis, MN
Fischer Family Farms / Waseca, MN
Hope Creamery / Hope, MN
Kadejan Free-Range Chicken / Glenwood, MN
Larry Schultz Organic Farm / Owatanna, MN


The Bad Waitress Diner and Coffee Shop (Nicollet)
2 E. 26th St. 
Minneapolis, MN 55404

The Bad Waitress Diner and Bar (Northeast)
700 Central Ave NE 

Minneapolis, MN 55414

Happy Hour is Now at Central!
$7 Specialty drinks made by our very own cocktail artist Johnny Michaels
$5 Rail Cocktails
$5 Beer
$5 House Wine
3-6 pm and 9-Close Everyday!


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Our Community

It is important for us to support our community by: buying vintage/antiques for sustainability encouraging to buy local & independent supporting local farms supporting our community by donating to social and neighborhood organizations, schools, churches, local businesses, and artists. creating jobs and hiring from immediate neighborhoods recycling not taking commission on Artist’s work sold biking/walking to work keeping a vigil over the neighborhood (crime) creating a brick-and-mortar social network keeping the streets/neighborhoods clean and green LITTLE THINGS ONE CAN DO TO HELP SUSTAIN AND PROTECT OUR PLANET: RECYCLE –Take the time to Recycle all plastics, glass, cans, paper, and compost if available to you. –Remember to sort for your local garbage company to help them with the process. –Use a canvas bag when shopping to reduce use of plastic and paper bags. –Stop junk mail. Americans receive 400 million tons of junk mail/year. –Wrapping gifts, use old wrapping material, newspapers, magazines, etc. TRANSPORTATION –Buy a bike. Even if you still love your car, there are times when you don’t need to go far, or carry a lot of stuff with you. And it’s fun to look for that vintage bike you used to have as a kid. –You can also carpool, take the bus, or light-rail. WATER –By turning off the water when you brush your teeth, and reducing your shower time by just one minute, you will save roughly 2,000 gallons of water/year. –Whether cleaning dishes or clothes, make sure you have a full load. –Avoid using pesticides, herbicides, and all other chemicals. ENERGY –Unplug or turn off appliances, stereos, chargers, computers, etc. as much as possible when not in use. –Conserve energy by putting on a sweater and slippers to reduce energy use and cost by 5-10%. –Lower hot water heater thermostat, and use cold water instead of hot as much as possible. –Buy fresh foods versus canned. Canned foods are 10 times more energy intensive to produce. –Clean filters on AC units, dryers, etc. Turn off all lights when not in use. Plant a Tree. DONATING AND/OR BUYING SECOND-HAND –If you can’t use it, someone sure can. –Not only is it cheaper and more fun to find that treasure, buy from your local antique store, vintage shop, or thrift store to help to sustain our planet and keep local shops going strong. EXERCISE –Try and get at least 30 minutes/day of active time. You can do as little as taking stairs instead of elevators, to joining one of the many sports groups we have in the Twin Cities. (hockey, soccer, softball, biking, kick ball, local gym membership) SPREAD THE WORD –Pass the knowledge along to others so that we all become more aware and conscious of our decisions.